apart from all

there you stand
apart from all
yet almost unseen
lost in the crowd
only one last chance
resisting the call

Richard Flood in Crossing Lines
Flood in Crossing Lines

My day began with a tooth extraction (little thing was stubborn but finally came out), then lots of resting. We watched Inception (TOM HARDY!), Friday Night Lights (KITSCH!), and just finished Bitten (love that Laura Vandervoort!). So yes, lots of tv watching. LOL Haven’t eaten too much but that’s okay. It’s weird having a hole in my mouth. So sad. Oh well, I had a great run with the tooth. πŸ˜‰

ManCrushMonday = Richard Flood, Taylor Kitsch, Sullivan Stapleton, Henry Cavill

My first Man Crush Monday foursome! Excellent taste, eh? I can’t just have my MCM post be one fella. I should have added Philip Winchester since today is his birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILIP WINCHESTER! And wait, is he really the same age as Taylor Kitsch? My mind is boggled!