driving towards destiny

flushed with
laughter warm
over the heart
over the soul
driving towards destiny

Richard Flood

I went to bed during rugby and woke up to more rugby (after some soccer watching by the hubby). There were some great matches this weekend. 🙂 My Crusaders were on the losing end of their match, alas!

My friend is at the Emerald City Comic Con up in Seattle and I wish I was there! Karl Urban is there! ::sigh:: I wanna see Karl Urban again. I really just want another picture with him because he’s one of my favorite pictures from my convention days. 😉 Plus he’s just damn fun.

And it’s been raining on and off since this morning. So a good day to be sitting at home, I suppose.

Crossing Lines
Seriously, go watch this show…

I got to FaceTime with my niece today. She is such a joy, I love her so much! It seriously rocks to have a little person who is connected to me like she is. Sometimes she makes faces and it reminds me of my sister or me when we were younger. It’s an awesome feeling.

She is darn cute!