longing whipped loose

seduction’s best bet
unfettered and free
longing whipped
loose to a frenzy
invigorating yet sweet
vanishing in an instant
a bliss unmatched
next to forever

Kitsch, Lively, Johnson in Savages

I went to sleep after watching my Crusaders win and woke up in time to watch the Bulls live. I LOVE SUPER RUGBY SEASON!!! I feel spoiled being able to watch the boys down under play. 😉

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very dear husband!!! Most of the time we’re the same age but today and until my birthday, we’re not. LOL I’m a lucky lady to have such a good man as my husband. Bummer he had to work today but hopefully he’ll be off soon and we can go see 300 Rise of an Empire.

I spent some of the late morning reading the twitter ramblings of a “fan” of one of the actors I follow on twitter. OH EM GEE. I’ve borne witness to some online nutters but this one is just flat out crazy. Like crazy enough to incite PITY. This person well and truly believes that a relationship exists between her and this particular actor. Almost ALL her tweets are directed at him and she insists that they have a relationship. It’s rather stunning. I’m not sure if it’s just an exercise in trolling or if she truly believes her words. Damn, people on the internet are so INTERESTING!

Holli giving me her “no, people are just crazy” face…