right down to the laughing whisper

the heat of the sun
and the cool of the breeze
your smile like a touch of spring
lazy and sweet
only meant for me
right down to the laughing whisper

Comparing the LG G2 and the iPhone 5
I’m spending time with the LG G2 and I thought I’d compare it to my iPhone 5. Just for kicks! Plus near the end of this year my line is due for an upgrade and I want to make an informed decision should I get to upgrade my phone.

LG G2 aka Themostikles

iPhone 5 aka Alcide

Battery life
I started each phone yesterday at 100% and as you can see from above, there was a slight difference by nearly 10 AM. The gap widened as the day wore on and after lunch, I had to do my usual and plug the iPhone into my radio dock so that I could have 100% by the end of my work day. The LG G2, on the other hand, lasted all day without needing a charge and I made sure I used it all through the day. It did not get plugged in until the end of night. The iPhone, of course, had to be plugged in by the end of the night as well and if I had let it go all the way down to say 40%, it would have likely restarted on me and demanded a charge before I could do anything else. In reality, I’d say I only get about 60% of that 100% the iPhone shows.

I will say this, the iPhone charges much faster than the LG G2. I used them both extensively this morning and plugged them both in a the same time, using the same method (USB charging) to charge and right now the iPhone will achieve 100% before the LG G2.

I don’t think I ever thought I’d say this but the iPhone has a very nice camera. It’s not really a shock for me nowadays since I use the phone as my primary point and shoot but I do see a difference in quality between the LG G2 and the iPhone 5. It’s very slight and I might have more to say after I’ve taken some comparison shots. So far I only have the following:

taken from the LG G2
LG G2 shot of the tv

iPhone 5 shot of the tv

I like the LG G2 shot in this instance as compared to the iPhone 5 but who really takes pictures of their tv that often?

baseball fan
LG G2 (top), iPhone 5 (bottom)

In these two shots, the iPhone photo looks sharper and more vibrant where as the LG G2 one looks a bit washed out and dull. Still, it wouldn’t stop me from switching over to the LG G2, if it came down to it.

Apple needs to seriously think about upping the size of the iPhone. I feel like that could be a deal breaker for me when it comes time to upgrade my line. I enjoy my iPhone a lot but Android has come a long way and there are so many choices. I like the size of the LG G2. I’ve also seen the Galaxy Note 3 and if I go back to Android, I’m going for a phablet or near so. The LG G2 is a great size for videos and games.

iOS vs Android
Android has matured a lot since I used it regularly (I don’t use my tablet too often these days). So far my only complaint at the moment is not being able to screenshot videos, which is something I can do on my iPhone.

…like this shot of the boys and pretty girl of Strike Back

And of course there’s the freedom to customize anything and everything on Android phones. You want your phone to look a certain way? You want widgets? You want someone to have a special sound when they send you an email? SURE! Can you do that on the iPhone? Not easily or not at all. I miss the freedom of customizing my phone. I have to do some twisty things to get my iPhone to look the way I want it (in regards to the wallpaper). I understand the need for control as it allows for a seamless and easy experience. But sometimes you just want your phone to be YOURS.

Neither OS is perfect, of course, and they both have their great points as well as flaws. It just comes down to preference. 😉