lose ourselves in laughter

can we have another moment vested in promise intricate and sweeping lose ourselves in laughter SO SAD about Almost Human. WHY?! 🙁

heaven in one note

keep me here inside your heart the tickle of laughter soft like a breeze catching such sweet heaven in one note solace in the Shiraz Two glasses of Shiraz was apparently a bit much for me but it was Wine Down Tuesday at BJ’s, which made all the wine half off. NICE! 😉 We had…

yearning ever full and sweet

the whisper of your touch against my skin yearning ever full and sweet lingering with satisfaction or promise soon fulfilled ready to release Taylor Kitsch as John Carter

sunday musings

knotted inconsolable twisted silent caught haunted Kitsch in Friday Night Lights We finished Friday Night Lights last night. Such a well done series. I’m glad I watched it and I’m a little sad it’s over. The last episode a good one, true to the characters and to the themes of the show itself. I absolutely…

havoc awaits

Two poems since I didn’t write yesterday: Poem #1: the emptiness strangles aching inside yet the outside so calm lies to the soul oh just once release this fury Poem #2: havoc awaits every step closer nothing can be done rise to the challenge your time is now Taylor Kitsch in Friday Night Lights We’re…