until I hear your whisper

sometimes I forget
until I hear your whisper
laughing softly
light upon the night
if only I can stay
vivid in this mist
abandon my despair, leave
nothing to regret

The Normal Heart
Taylor Kitsch in the Hollywood Reporter

Now that’s a picture of Kitsch. Ye GODS! He’s not classic handsome MAN like Henry Cavill but Kitsch has that bit of something too. He must, if I like him. 😉 He’s made me cry a couple of times in his work (mostly FNL, I think) and I love when an actor can make me cry…

my work space

Twas a beautiful day today. The temperature was a bit cooler than yesterday but the sun was just as bright. Simply gorgeous a day. It was the kind of day that made you feel so alive, surprising you with a cool touch, a reminder that hope is ever constant, that beauty is well within reach…