your yearning will subside

take a breath
and let it go
your yearning will subside
laugh with the breeze
own this moment
resist the urge to cry

Taylor Kitsch as Tim Riggins
Kitsch as Riggins in FNL

I’m a sucker for dimples. ::sigh::

I told myself that I would not do screencaps of Kitsch as Riggins because 1) he plays a high school kid and 2) just NO. And yet I’ve taken some random caps these last couple of days. Someone stop me. Seriously. Please?

As our anniversary approaches, I feel as though some people want to harsh my vibe. I feel that these people in particular know exactly what they’re doing and they’re so miserable and jealous that they have to spread their misery onto others. And I’m not just talking about the subject of my f-locked post that only a select few have read. I’m talking about the crocodile tears crier aka SAB.

No, you know what, I’m not going to air it out even if I was going to be vague. Let me just let it be.

For now.

another prelude to MCM = Cavill, Kitsch, Flood

Look at those three. They’re lovely in their own ways, I tell ya. And they’ve all made me cry, so I apparently I must love them in my own way. Damn them.

I’ve gotten a couple of hits to my site from places that coincide with either a current fella’s place of living or birthplace. I’m going to pretend that this particular fella has found my site and is chuckling at my lunacy. I’m allowed my delusions, right? 😉