cry just a little

cry just
a little
vanquish the sorrow
infiltrating your heart
lead yourself away
lift yourself from weariness

Taylor Kitsch in The Normal Heart

I do my screencaps on my iPhone because it’s just too damn easy. What’s not easy is watching The Normal Heart again even if I don’t have the sound on, just to do screencaps of Kitsch. But I’m doing it anyway. Slowly but surely. I do recommend the movie and not just because of Taylor Kitsch. It’s raw and angry but with moments of love and beauty too. The whole cast is exemplary and I hope it garners the recognition it deserves. It’s in the rotation, of course, on HBO and every time I’ve seen it today, I’ve stopped for a glimpse. Definitely a must watch. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed (unless love makes you uncomfortable).

Sullivan Stapleton in The Gangster Squad

The Gangster Squad was on a couple of times today and I happened upon Sully in a couple of scenes. He cleans up nicely, eh? It just makes me miss him and Strike Back.