nothing feels so close

hope has slipped away
even the light has dimmed
nothing feels so close
restless notions abound
yet only indecision remains

Kitsch and his co-stars from The Grand Seduction

“Marina Del Rey” by George Strait is playing on my computer right now. Such a melancholy song but pretty too. And now when I hear this song, this older song, it makes me think of one of my fellas. Geez, I’m so weird about this stuff!

I keep doing Taylor Kitsch screencaps. He’s been doing press for both The Normal Heart and The Grand Seduction, so as a newly minted Kitsch fan, I’ve been happening upon some of his interviews and if I can watch them on my phone, I end up doing the screencaps. It’s just all too damn easy, I tell ya.

Kitsch on MTV News

He was freakin’ cute in the MTV News bit. I’m seriously glad that my Kitsch trigger was Lone Survivor and that I didn’t watch Friday Night Lights until quite recently. He was super awesome as Riggins but that character was such a boy on the cusp of manhood and I prefer the Murph version of Kitsch. Now that character was a man, no real boyishness to him. I still don’t know why I didn’t see “it” when he was in Battleship or John Carter. I enjoyed those movies and some of it had to be because of him. Yet it took the devastating movie Lone Survivor for me to figure out the Kitsch thing.

love the expression

My weekends are so solitary. I try to do household chores but I’m so damn LAZY. I need to really rev myself up to do the mundane and yet I enjoy the results… I try to write as well and right now my stories are a struggle. I lost my way with my latest one. Probably because I decided to make it a longer story as opposed to the short story I previously wrote.

[“Hip Hop Lover” by En Vogue is now playing. This song makes me grin and sing along. When I was younger, this song was totally me in that I liked the younger fellas. 😉 ]

I can’t make my current story a short story, so I just trudge along and hope something sparks me regarding the plot. Right now I feel as though I’m in a holding pattern. Maybe I need to read more or watch something to help me. Hmm…