reaching fast for us

the hush of this whisper
a hint of a promise
your hand holding mine
locked beside me
open to this adventure
reaching fast for us

Taylor Kitsch with Jim Parsons and Matt Bomer at the LA premiere of The Normal Heart

Three dashing men, eh? Something for everyone. 😉

There’s a trailer for Ed Quinn’s movie, The Last Light, online. I was able to watch it on my phone so OF COURSE I did screencaps. I’m so easy like that. And then of course I had to share some of my screencaps.

Ed Quinn in The Last Light

I can be the good fangirl sometimes.

I’ve been feeling a bit out of balance. I think it’s stress and it’s really wreaking a bit of havoc on me. I don’t even know how to explain it. I know some of it is the uncertainty of the coming days. I thought I had a handle on it but apparently my body is saying otherwise. I’m trying to keep myself steady but sometimes I just want to scream. You know that feeling?

Parsons, Bomer, Kitsch

The fellas help keep my mind distracted. So does the story I’m writing right now. It’s coming along quite slowly. I don’t think I have a clear end yet. Alas.