Etc, poetry

this is mine

poem #1
this is mine
you can’t
leave me
over this

poem #2
captured so easily
a heart ever willing
virtuous in spirit
inspiration in the waiting
love more than words
lost in each breath

Taylor Kitsch in The Bang Bang Club

Yesterday morning I woke up and decided that the first thing I’d watch would be The Bang Bang Club. It had been sitting on the DVR for a couple of weeks. I don’t know why I hesitated to watch it before this… The movie was good, a bit hard to watch because of the subject matter. Good performances all the way around though and of course I think Kitsch did an excellent job. My ear for South African accents is not as keen as with others but his sounded a bit “gentle”. I know one of the actors is actually South African but he didn’t speak as much so I couldn’t use his accent to gauge everyone else’s… It’s a stark movie. It made me CRY! I liked it enough to order it on blu-ray. 😉

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple

I’ve decided that I like cider beer. OH MY GOODNESS. LOL If I’m not drinking wine or Guinness, I’m going for the cider beer. 😉 When the husband came home from work yesterday, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for bar food dinner. I love bar food dinner time!

delicious but bad for you food

Is it bad to walk into the bar area of the restaurant and have the bartender recognize you? Nah! Now if he started calling us by name, then we’d have a problem, right?… We had the hockey game (Montreal v New York), the basketball game (Spurs v Thunder), and the baseball game (Cardinals v Reds) on the tvs before us. It pretty much rocked. Well, if you’re a sports fan. 😉

After drinks and dinner, we headed to Barnes and Noble where– gasp!– we actually bought books! Real, turn paging books! I decided on a mystery novel, eschewing my usual romance ways. But I did indulge in a “super” bookmark.

book and bookmark, go!

We ended the evening with the latest Penny Dreadful episode. Have you watched that show? It’s decidedly creepy and mysterious. I love it. Eva Green is AWESOME. She’s freakin’ beautiful and creepy and strong and vulnerable all at the same time. And I really like Josh Hartnett in this too, even if I have no idea what his deal is in all the creepiness.

The Normal Heart is on the DVR for viewing at a later time. I think it’s going to make me cry so I’m not sure how much I’m looking forward to watching it on that score. And I know it’s going to make me think, so I need to be prepared in that regard. Oh, and Kitsch as a blond? We’ll see!

Man Crush Monday = Henry Cavill & Taylor Kitsch

Hey look, Henry is first in this picture. 😉