he breaks my heart

he breaks my heart
every time he smiles
never knowing what he
releases in my soul
yearning so sweet

lava flow at Black Angus

We had lunch today at Black Angus and my first drink was a strawberry daiquiri. When it came time for a second drink, I was going to go with another daiquiri then the bartender asked me if I like piña coladas and I told her what I really liked was the daiquiri/colada mix and she said, “A lava flow!” She ended up making one for me! IT WAS DELICIOUS! Now when I want one of those I’m going to have to remember that she makes them. LOL

new cut!

I got a hair cut today! I love going to Fusion 3 Salon here in Brentwood. The stylists are lovely and I went to the same one from before (Vanessa) and she is GREAT! I always want to just let her do anything with my hair and I have loved the cuts she’s done for me. I should go to the salon more often (other than annually). I always have a good experience there…

I love having Mondays off… 😀

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