I will miss you, my sweet and sassy Saffy

I will miss
your button nose
your sweet brown eyes
your sassy bark
I will miss
the way you jumped
the way you snuggled
the way you dreamed
I will miss
coming home to you
letting you out
watching you run
I will miss you
my sweet and sassy Saffy

my Saffy girl

My Saffy girl is gone. My crazy little Yorkie is gone. She was such a brat but she was so sweet too and I will miss her. I already miss her. She’s not here and when I think about it too much, I can feel the tears.

Holli & Saffy

Saffy was fourteen years old this month. We knew her from her beginning. We took her home when she was about eight weeks old. She lived with us from Hayward to Brentwood. She loved her Meggie and she loved her Holli too. She was my first puppy and I will always be glad she was in my life. I will remember taking naps with her on my stomach. I will remember thinking we should have named her “Sassy” because she was such a spitfire.

I like to imagine that she’s running around on green grass beneath warm sunshine with Meggie. They’re barking and jumping while a cool breeze blows and they’re telling each other stories.

Saffy pup in her daddy's arms
Saffy when she was a pup in her daddy’s arms…

I’ll miss you much, baby girl…

2 thoughts on “I will miss you, my sweet and sassy Saffy

  1. Oh, Val, I’m so sorry for your loss. There really are no words, but she and Meggie are barking and bouncing and waiting for you atthe Rainbow Bridge. {{{{{Val & Richard & Holli}}}}}

  2. Thank you, Beth. I love the image of Meggie and Saffy frolicking and having a good time. I will miss Saffy so much because she was with us for such a long time but I knew it was time for her. Doesn’t make it an easier but I’m glad she was part of our lives. I’ll miss my little rockstar Yorkie. 🙂

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