resisting to break

this moment now
a whisper will do
yet silence ensues
longing nearly tangible
over each breath
resisting to break

X-Men on Twinkies as seen at the grocery store

Back to work today! The office was quiet but the phone still rang and people still walked in with questions. The new boss came in for a bit, first to talk with the old boss, then to talk with the big boss. It’s going to be an interesting time with a new boss. 🙂

My current story is at that WRITE ME NOW stage so I’m trying to oblige. LOL The characters took a break from me for awhile, allowing me to start another story that I haven’t finished and is confusing even me. LOL I think the last episode of Enlisted (curses upon you, FOX network, for cancelling such an excellent show!) is helping me with my current story. My male character is former military and my female character ran ops with military, so anything military pretty much piques my interest and there were some sentiments on that last ep of Enlisted that are creeping in to my story. And I just really love my characters at the moment. They’re so different from what I’ve written in the past even though they’re in a romance novel like most of my stories these days. LOL

Painted in Waterlogue
me, painted in Waterlogue

Also, I’m still digging the Waterlogue app very much. Oh, and my new hair cut. 😉