ripe with promise

this sweet
anticipation hums
yet holds steady
luminous with possibilities
offering delight
ripe with promise

Kitsch in Lone Survivor

Part of me just cannot believe it’s already summer break. For me, this time of year means quiet days at work, shorter work weeks, and days with too much heat. I had enough vacation time banked to take five Mondays off starting next Monday, along with three Friday off. The next five weeks or so are going to be quite lovely. I intend on savoring the time off as well as being constructive. 😉

It’s been over a week since Saffy’s last breath and I do still miss my little Yorkie girl. Sometimes I look at her pictures and I feel the prickle of tears. I know she’s in a better place but I’m selfish and wish I could tap that button nose of hers one more time. I hope she knows I loved her so very much. She was my first puppy. ::sigh::

And why is it almost bedtime already? Gosh.