promise a touch of forever

pave the way
halfway to your heart
in an embrace
leave nothing to chance
if only this once
promise a touch of forever

Philip Winchester – Strike Back

The last day of summer break! We had convocation this morning. I always like convocation because it means I’m not sitting at my desk. It’s the one time everyone in the district is in one place for almost a couple of hours. It’s a great way to start the school year. 🙂

from my seat

Here’s something not to do– don’t work on your story in the morning and stop writing in the middle of a sexy bit. It makes it weirdly interesting throughout the day, I tell ya! I was trying to think of what to write next and then had to whip out my Moleskin. It’s weird actually hand-write sexy scenes. Ye gods!

Sullivan Stapleton – Strike Back

One of the parents who called today thought that school starts different days for different grades. What are these kids telling their parents? LOL