somehow I resisted

somehow I resisted
taking a breath
a moment to stop
pausing this reflection
lost in the light
every dream leads me
true along this path
once more reaching out
nothing in the way

Philip Winchester – Strike Back

Guardians of the Galaxy is out this weekend. Are you going to see it? I am SO ANXIOUS to see it and it doesn’t even have any of my fellas in it! Miracle, right? 😉 But seriously, I want to see the movie. I know I’m going to like it. At the very least I will appreciate all the work James Gunn (director and co-writer of the movie)) and his crew have done. It’s been awesome following James Gunn online. He’s great fun to read and he shares so much of himself without being crazy obnoxious. He’s got a lot of positive energy and it’s actually really refreshing.

Sullivan Stapleton – Strike Back

I am really missing Strike Back. I know I say so every few days but I really do miss that show A LOT. Yes, I can watch the previous seasons to my heart’s content but it’s just not the same. I wish I’d stop doing so many screencaptures! Not sure what’s going on with all of that. It certainly gives my twitter feed a certain theme. If I change my twitter header image, then you’ll all know that I’ve gone to the dark side. 😉

seriously, Sully’s got awesome eyes…