the longing endlessly stretching

whenever these dreams
invade my heart
nestling so
close to desires
hidden within
every bitter
smile hides
the longing
endlessly stretching
rich with regret

Philip Winchester as Colonel Shaw on 24: Live Another Day

24: Live Another Day – I actually enjoyed this season! I haven’t seen all the seasons of 24 but I always enjoyed what I watched. This just completed season was great to watch and I loved seeing different actors join the show, whether they wreaked havoc or actually lived to the end. I especially enjoyed Yvonne Strahovski as Kate Morgan. She was freakin’ kick ass! Also fun to watch was Michelle Fairley and Liam Garrigan. But of course, what I well and truly loved was seeing Philip Winchester. As if I didn’t already have reminders of Strike Back during the series (Rashan Stone made a brief appearance), they had to thrown in PW. I felt a bit like a bad fangirl because I didn’t even know he was going to be in the show (was it secret or did I miss the announcement?). I think I’ve made it up a little with all the screencaps. I hope no one minds. Wait, I know no one minds!

Besides Mr. Winchester, I did enjoy watching Jack Bauer’s journey in this series. I think the season also benefited from the short season. It allowed for a tighter story and less dilly dallying. And holy crap, let me just say Jack and the sword. WOW! I hope that if the show comes back, it 1) is the short season/”event broadcast” format, 2) Yvonne Strahovski is in it again, and 3) Philip Winchester makes another appearance (as long as his character doesn’t die).

I think it’s time to do a Strike Back marathon. I’m really missing those boys.

Sully & PW