envision the glow

just relax
envision the glow
near and bright
soft and sweet
even in this darkness
never let hope go

Daniel Carter of the All Blacks

I love watching the ice bucket challenge videos. To the haters out there, go on and take your eyes elsewhere and stop trying to bring down the people who are shining light on ALS. The negativity just gets to me.

So that’s Dan Carter getting his. Love him. When the hell is he going to play again though?! Oh, and LOVE that he did it with his shirt OFF. Boys, if you’ve got the body, do not be shy, mmmkay? 😉

before the shirt came off

I’m still hoping for a good thing. So positive vibes this way, if you please. 🙂

And HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to my precious niece! Where has the time gone?

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