lingering beneath the surface

confess yourself
admit the reason
vying for your heart
ignore the insecurity
lingering beneath the surface
let go and be free

Philip Winchester – Strike Back

Michael J. Bassett, Strike Back director, posted a picture yesterday and one today of the boys! Well, today was just PW. But oh man, it just makes me ACHE for that show!

Sully – SB

I watched a couple of eps of Xena today and one was “Old Ares Had A Farm.” I loved the Ares eps and this one is one of my favorites because he was mortal. Kevin Smith was just so damn beautiful and it still makes me a touch sad when I see his work. But mostly I try to smile and be grateful for having met him at all.

Kevin Smith as Ares

And sometimes I wonder where he’d be now if he was still alive. Would we have met again? Would I have finally told him thank you for leading me to my awesome friends? I hope so. In another world, in a parallel universe…