pondering my fate

poem #1
pierced through the
heart so open
if I bleed
leave me
in this despair
pondering my fate

poem #2
keeping it
in such darkness
this cannot last
spare me the indifference
caught in your heart
holding fast the indecision

the boys of Strike Back

I am super envious of the people who keep running into Henry Cavill. I’m glad that they’re taking pictures with him and sharing them with the internet. I’m also glad that they find him to be approachable. But why can’t I meet him too?! Oh yeah, I’m not in Michigan. LOL

behind the scenes of season 3 of Strike Back

I posted that pic to Instagram and Twitter and Michelle Lukes retweeted it. Awwww! I ended up getting a fair share of faves and RTs for that pic. I feel loved.