precious is this

precious is this
in sweet
love’s breath
its touch soft
pulsing with light

lookin’ a little scared – Philip Winchester in Strike Back

I LOVE all the love my Strike Back pictures get on Twitter. Oh, I know, it’s mostly because of the boys (who doesn’t love Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton?) but I do appreciate the appreciation of my current obsession. 😉 I’ve gotten to the end of US season 3 and now I wonder, do I start from US season 1 or continue my season 2 re-watch? Oh, the dilemma!

lookin’ a little excited – Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back

Oh, and I also like the sass I sometimes get in relation to my Strike Back posts:


Michelle Lukes is awesome. 😉 I hope she doesn’t show Sully or PW my posts because I’ll have to go hide somewhere. No, not really. I’d probably be quite delighted if they saw my posts. LOL