eq, poetry

quietly pondering

quietly pondering
unsung sacrifice
in gratitude remember
never forget
never stop moving forward

Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back

How can anyone forget the significance of 9/11 whether you’re from New York or California? I just read someone on twitter who said that California folks have largely forgotten (he’s a New Yorker). It made me sad and angry at the same time. I guess because I’m not a NYer, I don’t feel that bone deep sadness and despair and fear and helplessness wrought by that day? Okay then, if it makes you feel better.

I do remember.

But I also choose to remember this day as my friends’ birthdays (Shane and Sean), Harry Connick Jr.’s birthday, and the wedding anniversary of my friends (Cassady and Phil). I choose to spend a quiet moment to remember the fallen but I also choose to celebrate the light and love of this day. I refuse to let the darkness hijack that joy. This is my way of honoring the sacrifice. I live and I rejoice and look for beauty even on this day because it is out there. And this is what I choose to remember…

Jamie Dornan knows how to look creepy