even without an endgame

just take a breath
admit you can’t wait
maybe I’ll say yes
insist on it now
even without an endgame

Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back
Mmmm, Sully

I don’t know if I’m ahead on my poems but I figure I’m writing so might as well include a poem. If I’m ahead now, I’m ahead.

I’d like to rub his head just once

My A’s are in the post-season!!! GLORIOUS!!! I know I talk a lot of rugby but baseball still has my heart. Truly. 🙂

Jamie Dornan in The Fall

Is it weird or disturbing that I’m doing screencaps of Jamie Dornan in The Fall? His character is SO freaky and yet so fascinating at the same time. I cannot wait to watch the second series, whenever it comes out our way. Or even before? 😉

I watched The Script’s performance at the iTunes Festival. I love them but after watching their live performance, I freakin’ LOVE them. They are awesome. They sound just as good (if not better) live as they do on record. Truly.