to overwhelm me

poem #1:
will you dream of me
sweep away these dull doldrums
dimming such long days

poem #2:
the heat of your smile
ignites the spark within
the flames flicker hot

poem #3:
this broken heart weeps
the tears fall so silently
as the world’s light dims

poem #4:
let us take this breath
this sweet sigh of perfection
so filled with love’s light

poem #5:
leave this all unsaid
take one last look then walk out
with all the regret

poem #6:
was it so easy
smiling and laughing with me
then letting me go

poem #7:
you can make me want
the darkness in my desires
to overwhelm me

poem #8
just take a breath
admit you have it bad
my name on your lips
inside the heart of you
ever burning bright

Jamie Dornan in the teaser trailer for series 2 of The Fall

I know it’s a bit of a cheat to write almost all haikus to catch up on my poems of the day but I did it anyway. I was tempted to just skip the poem for the days I didn’t write any but I couldn’t. So there it is, seven haikus for every day I missed. 🙂 And then today’s poem to end it.

Here was my week:
LAST DAY on Carnegie Lane – Packing and more packing. Our last night at the house.

MOVING DAY and my off days – We woke up early on moving day, I think. We might have moved stuff to storage? The movers came to move the big stuff and they did an AWESOME job. (Reminds me, I still need to Yelp them!) After the big stuff was moved to the condo, we began our work of moving the “small” stuff ourselves, thanks to borrowing Dad’s truck. We didn’t get as much done as we wanted. The next couple of days were spent moving and cleaning. It was EXHAUSTING!

me, finally looking “normal” after those days of moving

BACK TO WORK – I was actually glad to be back at work just because when I’m there, I don’t have to look at the crazy, cramped mess of the condo. It’s HORRIBLE to move to a smaller place when you had stuff to fit the bigger place. Know what I mean? Thanks goodness I only had to work a couple of days. Whew!

I will miss the backyard

FRIDAY – We had the exit walk-thru of the house. It was sad to see the house empty, to try not to think of it as “home.” It’s not “home” anymore but I will miss it. I will miss the space, the backyard (especially for Holli’s sake), the noises that became familiar. I won’t miss the crappy cell service we had there (with our current carrier, that is) and I won’t miss having to jiggle the toilet after flushing it.

And now begins the task of unpacking. I do not look forward to that at all! I do look forward to throwing away all the crap we seem to have. Yowsa!