will you promise me

poem #1
he thinks he knows why
she turns away in silence
not seeing defeat

poem #2
my heart is breaking
little pieces of despair
choking on my tears

poem #3
you are bound to me
the rush and the heat of you
the longing you hide

poem #4
he can’t close his eyes
he will see her shining smile
laughing just for him

poem #5
spinning much too fast
the world blurring its edges
heading for the break

poem #6
will you promise me
to live, laugh, and love each day
with an open heart

poem #7
now I think I know
why love so overwhelmed me
the first time we touched

Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back

I don’t know why I haven’t been able to get back to posting daily. What’s wrong with me? Alas.

It’s October, which I like to think of as prep for National Novel Writing Month month. LOL I thought I had two stories up for November but then this other story just presented itself. I’m going to do it even though it’s a little off my usual stuff these days. Still romance, OF COURSE, but with other stuff going on. We’ll see how it goes. I want to add some sexy bits to the story but then I’ll have to gloss over the stuff that probably really matters. If that makes sense. Which it likely does not. LOL