do you dream of me

I should probably post the poems behind a cut but I won’t. So here you go, a bunch of poems unrelated to one another. πŸ˜‰

poem #1
please just promise me
only the truth from your lips
without deception

poem #2
when you smile at me
the world brightens with laughter
shining with such life

poem #3
do you dream of me
so warm and sweet beside you
keeping your secrets

poem #4
when you close your eyes
do regrets fill the silence
breaking you inside

poem #5
let me sleep beneath
the shadows cool and silver
from the moon above

poem #6
how easy to laugh
with words simple and teasing
aiming with pleasure

poem #7
stay here with me
until the rush subsides
linger by my side
laugh along with me
if you must go
very soon
admit you will
never let me go

poem #8
play along with me
hold my hand
if only in this dream
leave with a promise
in your heart
longing that we share

Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton – Strike Back

It was a relatively decent week highlighted by the fact that 1) I had a short work week (Monday off and Friday half day) and 2) school was in the second week of Fall Break. So the office was quiet. πŸ™‚

But there’s a bit of unresolved issues regarding our previous residence. I don’t want to go into it but suffice to say some people suck and don’t know how to read the laws and regulations regarding certain things. It’s a bummer but what can you do?

The AWESOME part of the week was the emergence of a couple of Strike Back RP twitter accounts. Oh my gosh, I am having a grand time interacting with “Damien Scott” and “Michael Stonebridge.” It just started off with Damien and then Stonebridge joined in as well. They are great fun though I slightly question myself interacting with fictional characters. LOL But whatever, they’re bright spots in the day and you’ve got to grab your sunshine where you can. πŸ˜‰ It’s certainly turning up my SB loving, that’s for sure.

must love these two!

BASEBALL!!! The Cardinals and Orioles lost today. The Orioles are down two games against the Royals. The Cards are down merely one game. They both need to WIN. They’re my choice teams for the World Series. πŸ˜€

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