eq, poetry

sweeten up that smile

poem #1
maybe you will stay
realize this could be yours
if you say the words

poem #2
when you look beyond this moment
if perhaps you stop
near the place we once met
chance will show you a memory
hidden in the cool shadows
every breath a reminder
sweet without
the fallen tears of yesterday
ever warm and bright
regret the eventual end

poem #3
too much left unsaid
the secret awaits release
simmering beneath

poem #4
sweeten up that smile
laugh loud from deep in your heart
make this moment count

poem #5
play along with me
hold my hand
in yours
leave no doubt
it’s real
play along with me

poem #6
the shadows beckon
ready to lock these secrets
better left unsaid

Angelique Cabral & Ed Quinn on Bad Judge

We watched Bad Judge from the beginning (yah for Hulu!) so that we could get to Ed Quinn’s episode (which aired this week). It’s awesome to see Ed in something new. And still ever so very dashing. 😉 The awesome Ed Quinn aside, the show is rather funny. Kate Walsh’s character is pretty cool. LOL

We watched Metro Manila last night. SAD SAD SAD movie. I wanted to turn it off at least twice while watching but we powered through to the end, which was SAD SAD SAD. I don’t often watch movies set in the Philippines but it seems like when I do see the Philippines in movies, it’s either rice farms or the dirty and gritty city. I did like trying not to read the subtitles but I also liked reading the translations because they were just not right sometimes. Oh, the gist of the meaning was there but the actual translations were a bit adjusted. Of course, my understanding of Tagalog isn’t as deep as it should be. There are plenty of words I do not understand in Tagalog. LOL But it’s the only other language where I don’t translate into English in my head, like I do with Spanish or Italian or French. (What little I know of those languages.)

Right now I’m watching the Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice. It’s not HD (why Amazon Prime, why?!) but it reminds me of when I watched it first VHS (yes, VHS), then DVD, and somewhere I have the blu-ray.

National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner and I’ve already got the story in my head. Truth be told, I’ve started writing scenes to get to know my characters but I’m writing so much that it’s going to end up being cheating when I actually get to start the story. Will I be able to get to 50,000 during November without using the words I’ve already written? I hope so!

one more of Ed, just because…