once the beat strikes again

their eyes meet
they both freeze
time slows
before the next breath
he sees forever
she sees promise
who will smile first
who will speak first
who will take that step first
once the beat strikes again
they look away
they take that breath
he smiles first
she takes that step
towards the promise
towards forever

Sully – Strike Back

Today in bullet form.

  • Morning – Breakfast at the high school. The food was delicious, as usual. How does something so simple as eggs, bacon, french toast, and a cinnamon pastry taste so good? I really don’t know but this breakfast by the FFA never fails to please. After eating, they had the raffle and my named was actually called! And right after my boss’ name. How weird is that? I got one of those double walled acrylic cups with the school’s initials along with some stuff inside. So cute!
  • Afternoon – Our Holiday Luncheon! I love our luncheons and the holiday one is always a special treat. The big boss turned on  the movie Elf and it played as we ate. YUMMY food! The gift exchange afterwards was fun to watch (I haven’t participated in forever but it’s still fun to just sit and watch everyone). We got to leave early, hurrah! I was so full after lunch. When the day ended, so began my week off from work!
  • Evening –  Lots of drinking. Well, I consider three drinks a lot for me. LOL! Angry Orchard, a Pumpkin Old Fashioned, and a Pinot Grigio. All good and helped me with my headache. Somewhat. Also stopped by Bath and Body Works and picked up some stuff.
  • And now? Watched last week’s episode of the The Librarians. I like that show! I mostly like seeing Christian Kane with short, darker hair. Oh, and it’s a fun show. Adventuresome and such. I definitely recommend it!