to never read the pages

it’s not enough
to look past the facade
to peer to the soul
it’s too much
to appreciate the effort
to want the essence most
it’s not important
to feel the heart
to know the mind
it’s okay
to set standards low
to feel emptiness
it’s perfectly fine
to expect nothing more
to accept the superficial
it’s all right
to judge by the cover
to never read the pages

Strike Back – Sullivan Stapleton

I read a book last night! Okay, it was a Harlequin romance but still, it’s been awhile! A Princess and a Prince who’ve only known each other as lovers. It was filled with tension and a touch of intrigue and I thought pretty well done. Then it made me think that perhaps my stories don’t have that tension that I like reading in other stories. Or maybe the stakes just don’t seem as high because I know how the story ends. I’m not sure.

So today’s poem… It’s a bit reaction to a sentiment I read on one of the social networks. It made me sad because it seems so indicative of our superficial society. Isn’t it bad enough that “entertainment” presents us with attention whores with no talent? Now we actually have young people who are falling for the pretenses and superficiality of those scripted “real” lives. It seems like it’s all about how you look as opposed to how you think and what you do with that influence. An age old conundrum, I know. But it’s frustrating to see it perpetuated by young people. It bothers me more than it should…