back to the heavens

the tears flow easy
for a voice
for a heart
for a soul
back to the heavens
the sadness clings
with the emptiness
with the darkness
with the silence
just a moment
the laughter sings
for the stories
for the friendship
for the memories
left behind
in comfort

I woke up this morning to the news that ESPN anchor Stuart Scott passed away at the age of 49. I’ve been watching ESPN and their tributes to him and I’ve been crying. I don’t know why it’s so easy to let the tears flow, to feel it deep in my heart. I didn’t know him. He was just a sportscaster on ESPN.

But no, he wasn’t just a sportscaster on ESPN. He was always fun to watch. He was always filled with energy and vigor. He was professional but himself too, smart and down to earth. He was human, he was a presence. You couldn’t help but stop and listen when he on the tv screen.

So my morning began watching ESPN and their tributes to Stuart Scott. I didn’t know he was fighting cancer all this time because when he was on screen, he was giving us the sports news with that energy and vigor you always saw. He LIVED and gave his heart to what he did. He’s probably one of the reasons I love watching ESPN. He was a personality, a light now gone from this world.

My thoughts with his daughters and his family and his friends. ESPN will never be the same but I hope his fellow broadcasters and sport journalists take his example to heart– BE YOURSELF. Heck, we can all take example from that.

Journey well into the next, Stuart Scott. Thank you.