hold your breath and still your heart

will you wait for me
hold your breath and still your heart
let time pause for now

Sully in US season one of Strike Back

I woke up today and thought, “It’s only Tuesday?”

Last night we watched the National Championship game at Black Angus. It was fun! I slow sipped my two glasses of wine and enjoyed the football game. I wanted a lot of scoring and mostly got it. I didn’t mind the result either but I didn’t really care too much.

My phones went a little nuts today after school let out. I didn’t get to chit chat when I wanted. Boo! But I shouldn’t be so picky because I got to chit chat yesterday with this particular person. 😉

I finished re-watching US season two of Strike Back so now I’m on the first season. It’s always a little strange watching the first season and watching the boys work out their kinks. And oh my god, Damien has LOTS of sexy time in the first season. LOL I’m doing screencaps and I might do some of the sexy scenes. Just to have. 😉

I made new friend recently because of our mutual admiration of Sully. Look, he’s bringing people together! 😀