let your heart guide your path

when the nights are bleak
when the stars are bright
with the moon’s silver glow
casting the only light
fall deep into your dreams
close your eyes to the world
let your heart guide your path
the possibilities will unfurl
when the morning breaks through
when the dreams fade away
open your eyes to the world
face the adventure of the day

my Strike Back lads – Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton

I can’t remember that last time I tried to rhyme my poem. Fun! 😉

I am seriously digging not writing here everyday. But just because I don’t blog everyday doesn’t mean I don’t write everyday because I do! I’ve been working on a short story that wants to turn into a novella. The usual kind of story from me– contemporary romance. I can’t seem to stop writing it and so I’m just going with the flow. I do adore my characters, as I should. Because if I don’t love them, why would anyone else? 😉

Work has been BUSY this week because the Open Enrollment for INTRA-district requests has opened. JOY! I do appreciate the enthusiasm by the parents who submit their requests. I have to remember that my usual spiel might be repetitive to me but not to them. So it’s a definite exercise in patience. 🙂

Phone box
this box is shaped like a brick!

Why yes, that’s an iPhone box. Specifically a box for the iPhone 6 Plus. The phone is HUGE! But wow, I am enjoying it so far! Got it yesterday after work, braving the wind and the rain to visit the Walnut Creek Apple Store. Oh the things we do for technology. I have a case on its way because even though I like my phones naked (the 5S was SO PRETTY out of its case), I know that with this obscenely large phone, I need some protection! It does fit in my wristlet, which was a nice surprise. LOL

clam chowder aka the first pic taken on my new phone

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about the phone in the coming days. 🙂 I will miss my 5S (it was SO PRETTY!) but I really do like this new phone a lot already. I was never one to really do much phone stuff one handed so having a bigger phone doesn’t affect me in that way even though I do have to adjust to the new size. I hope the battery is decent because as much as I loved my Mophie, getting one for the 6 Plus would make the phone even BIGGER and I don’t know how much bigger I can handle in my hand.


I also look forward to putting the camera through the paces. I’ve heard good things about it and I’m ready to test it! 🙂