do you think it’s easy

do you think it’s easy
pining this away
locking away my heart
pretending I’m okay
whenever I hear your name
do you think it’s easy
hating you
loving you
harboring this longing
from prying eyes
do you think it’s easy
knowing this truth
believing your lies
taking me
breaking me
do you think it’s easy
laughing this way
raging this way
knowing I’m not okay
whenever I hear your name
it’s just not that easy

Sully in Cut Snake

So now that I don’t write here everyday, I feel compelled to write longer posts when I do write. So lucky you, readers mine! (Do I have more than one reader? Maybe, who knows.)

Let’s talk music!

Sam Hunt – MONTEVALLO – I heard his song “Take Your Time” on the radio. THE RADIO. Yes, sometimes I inadvertently listen to the radio because the hubby gets tired of my CD mix in the car. So this song comes on and it’s interesting enough for me to Shazam and lo, it’s someone called Sam Hunt. The song was playing on a country station even though it doesn’t quite sound country but I’m not one of those blowhards who thinks country should only sound a certain way (as seems apparent by a couple of reviews I’ve read AFTER I’ve fallen for the album) so I thought, hmmm, new guy? I found the album, MONTEVALLO, and took a listen and then another and then another and by that third spin, I knew I was hooked… The songs skew slightly for the younger folks but I don’t mind since he’s a young man and it’s appropriate for him to sing those kinds of songs. (As opposed to the crap my once favorite group decided to release a couple of years back that just sounded like they were trying way too hard. coughNKOTBcough) Plus there’s enough of a “universal” message in his songs to appeal to a wide variety of people. Or I just like all kinds of different music… The label of “country” is a little misleading because there’s not a lot of twang in the songs and singing about small towns doesn’t make the music automatically country. Perhaps he could be categorized as pop-country? I don’t know. I don’t really care. I simply really like the album beyond reason. It’s catchy, it’s sexy, and it’s slick. Maybe I’m listening to it at the right time but I am hooked. Plus he has a nice voice and a way with words and who doesn’t like that in music? 😉


Henry Cavill in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The trailer for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. came out this past week. HENRY CAVILL!!! He looks so dashing! And his accent made me giggle a little but it goes with the whole period of the movie, I suppose, and he’s damn adorable. It looks like a fun movie and I cannot wait to see it! Oh, and Armie Hammer is pretty cute too. 😉

50 Shades of Grey – I’m glad this movie is out now. And no, I AM NOT GOING TO SEE IT. Well, I’ll eventually subject myself to it when it’s on the movie channels or something because this is what I will do for Jamie Dornan. The reason I’m glad it’s out is because then we can stop hearing about it! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED all the press and seeing pictures of Jamie and reading some of the interviews. I just don’t give a flying f**k about the movie (or the books, for that matter). I’m all for sex and romance and sexy romance and could maybe even try reading some of the more unconventional stuff out there but this series has never appealed to me. Sorry loves, but it’s certainly not my cup of tea. And fantastic for all those folks who love the books and watched the movie. More power to you. Reading is always something I will advocate and if more people read because of those books, huzzah! I myself found it most difficult to read the first chapter of the first book. In fact, I don’t think I got through the first chapter!… As for the movie, if you come away disappointed by Jamie Dornan’s performance (I’ve read some mixed reviews on him), PLEASE GO WATCH THE FALL. He is BRILLIANT in the show and even though he’s a serial killer in it, you just can’t stop watching him. Loving a character and loathing his character is such an uncomfortable combination but he plays it so well and the show is FANTASTIC. Well written, well acted, and so worth the binge watching. GO WATCH THE FALL!

iPhone 6 Plus!

my phone is so much bigger than my iPod

I’ve had my phone for over a week. Here are my impressions…

  • Size – It’s HUGE! But it hasn’t taken long for me to get used to the size. Yes, it’s obscenely large but I don’t mind. It’s great for reading emails and messages and playing games and watching videos. Oh, and the screencaps are larger! This might mean that I go back and re-screencap Strike Back. Maybe. 😉
  • Battery – Ahhhh, how impressed am I with the battery? VERY IMPRESSED. I can, with only a slight bit of effort, go a whole work day without charging the phone. My previous phone sported a mophie and by the end of my time with it, I needed that mophie. The iPhone 6 Plus performs quite decently battery wise. I think I’d be considered nearly a power user because of all the notifications I use. And then if I start playing on the phone, look out! But this phone doesn’t make me feel antsy regarding the battery, which is awesome. The test will be when we go out somewhere without easy means of recharging. 😉
  • Camera – The camera takes great pictures, of course. I can’t believe I just said that but it’s true. My phone takes great pictures. LOL I’ve actually been pretty impressed with the iPhone cameras since the 4S. It’s quick, it’s easy and the pictures turn out great. I love using third party apps too (can’t stop buying the Hipstamatic paks!) to enhance my pictures. 🙂
  • Calls – Now this is where it’s a bit awkward. Taking calls is just weird with such a big phone and for some reason I’m having an interesting time trying to figure out how to hold it to my face and hear my caller. If I know it’s going to be a longer conversation, then I pop in my earbuds and all is well. Otherwise, it’s just interesting…

Apple makes great phones and though I’ll never be satisfied with the lack of customization, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I am an iPhone user. But that doesn’t mean I don’t see the benefits to other operating systems, especially Android. It just means that I like how my phone just works on all levels.


it’s turned into a novella because I haven’t even gotten to the end yet…

Still working on my latest story. I think I’m near the end. It needs more work though. I still don’t really know what the main female character does for a living and there’s a bit of inconsistency in some of the timeline from conversations in the beginning. Otherwise, I LOVE my characters. They’re a lot of fun. 🙂 Maybe I’ll even let more people read it when it’s finished.

Henry once more

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