from endless dreams

one look
one spark
this touch
so soft
one kiss
endless dreams
ever after
never to be
yet longing persists
for you
for us
for the promise
from one kiss
from endless dreams

Sully – Strike Back

My story is coming along. My characters are developing interesting traits that I hadn’t at first envisioned. I like that. I’m working on the second installment. Maybe if I actually finish it, I’ll combine it with the first installment to make one novel (as opposed to two novellas). We shall see.

Sam Hunt singing “Speakers”

I still haven’t burnt myself out on Sam Hunt. Not sure what’s going on but I just cannot stop listening to his music. Maybe it’s the story I’m writing or maybe his music is just that good. I have no idea. I joined a Facebook community and part of me LOVES all the updates of people seeing him live and such and then part of me is super envious because I don’t see a day in the near future when I’ll be able to see him perform in person. ::sigh:: I must be content with just listening to his music and watching videos on YouTube.

Cinderella – What a sweet movie! Gorgeous and nicely updated for modern sensibilities. It’s a lovely movie, if you like the Cinderella tale, and she has more spirit than I remember from the animation. Richard Madden is utterly DREAMY as the prince (and I giggled when he said his name was “Kit” because it reminded me of his Game of Thrones co-star Kit Harrington). I like him better with scruff but he was still quite handsome all clean shaven. The actress playing Ella was a beautiful combination of sweetness and strength. I’d definitely recommend it. Oh, and the Frozen short was SO CUTE. Yes, I was actually excited to watch it.

cousins and me

Today my cousins came out to Brentwood and we walked the farmer’s market before having lunch. I always have such a great time just talking with them. We definitely need to get together more often. We had lunch and ended up just talking for a few hours. It was cool! We talked about all kinds of stuff, which always happens. 🙂 It was great catching up with them.

I had a weird dream before waking today. I was on vacation or location with my friend Paula and I think I was Ed Quinn’s assistant or something because I had to take him and a couple of other people somewhere and Ed was inebriated but in a funny way. Then I was at a restaurant or bar and C. Thomas Howell was the server/bartender humming a Sam Hunt song and when he asked me for my order, I said, “Something with Sam Hunt in it” and he smiled at me and said he could get something for me. SO WEIRD.

It’s the middle of spring break for us out here. I have a long weekend then a short work week with a half day on Friday. Glorious! 😀