this @TylerRichMusic thing

Sometimes I miss blogging everyday the way I used to do. Most days it was just whatever stuff, right? But looking back, it’s interesting to see patterns emerge even if when I was writing, I didn’t realize those patterns.

Tyler with Ryan Robinette behind him…

So I haven’t been able to read how my regard for Tyler Rich has grown these past few months. I’ve not written about seeing him since the second time I saw him even though the third time I saw him was pretty awesome and deserves its own post. I haven’t written about how GIDDY I was when he revealed the title of his EP (VALERIE). And I haven’t written about how much I love his songs and his EP.

Maybe the post after this (which will be linked with my 40,000th tweet) will come as a surprise to any regular readers I have out there. Or maybe not. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, it’s pretty evident that Tyler has permanent residence in my fangirl life. But maybe you don’t know WHY he does. So the post after this will sort of explain all of that.

Look for it to post sometime today!

And Tyler, LOVE YA!