greg, poetry

TWITL – week one

it begins with a smile
the undeniable spark
lighting the eyes
so warm and dark
then the hesitation
the first whisper
of the name
the shift and tilt
of the world
will never be the same
as if all the dreams
converged in this moment
in this touch
something brighter
something just a little
too much
so it begins with us
joined in this dance
life and love together
if we give it a chance

Sam Hunt doing his thing this week…

The first full week of 2016! First week of work in 2016. But this isn’t the first weekend of 2016. So there’s that. 😉

So on Monday I got a notification on twitter that my friend William Gregory Lee joined twitter! I thought, WHAT?! So I hopped on to twitter and found that not only had he joined but he had followed me. Well, now, that’s just damn AWESOME! I was giddy, of course, because even though I’m obviously doing a different fangirl thing now, I still adore my fellas past and present and Greg is just one of those forever ones for me. I mean, damn, he’s one of my Listworthy! Now he’s on twitter. There was the few moments of, “Wait, is it really him?” But then he tweeted and from the stuff I know about him, I knew it was him. And later in the week, he replied to me, which was so awesome and sweet.

This led to me looking at my fansite for him and discovering that it’s offline. UGH! I think it happened when I changed domain registrars. I’m too impatient to try and fix it so, alas! Maybe I’ll become inspired enough to try again (and with my Erik Thomson site too). We shall see.

with Greg the first time we met

Have you all heard of Jacob Davis? If you have not, GO CHECK HIM OUT! I’m part of the Jacob Davis Squad and it’s been an awesome ride so far these early days. He is a country music singer/songwriter/musician and he’s pretty amazing. I love his music and am actually quite IN LOVE with a song he demo’d called “Rain on a River.” I think it’s meant to be sung by someone else someday but Jacob’s version (he’s a co-writer on it) is just so beautiful. I cannot even say enough about it. Jacob and his cohorts (as I do like to call them) are a great group of men and have been so great with responding to fans. We’re enthusiastic and we want their music to shine on everyone. So do yourself a favor, check out Jacob Davis. If you’d like a CD, let the squad know and they will send one to you. 🙂

the fangirl is strong in me

So Sam Hunt is my top photo here because yes, I still LOVE him. His music is so seeped into my soul that I can only love and support him to the point of being nearly irrational. I don’t care if people don’t think he’s country music. He IS. And you know what, there’s nothing wrong with him being different from what other people consider country. It seriously KILLS me when people want to talk crap about him. If you don’t like him, then listen to something else, expend that hateful energy into something positive. There is plenty of country music out there to cater to all kinds of taste. Maybe I don’t care so much because I don’t actually listen to the radio. Maybe I’d be frustrated with whatever plays as country on the radio. As it is, the hour or two I might listen of country radio just frustrates me because it’s the SAME. I prefer to “discover” the up and coming artists because their desire and ambition feels more real to me. They feel more genuine. And from the beginning, Sam has always felt genuine to me…

Get to know Tyler Rich!

The Tyler Rich Fanpage is having a contest and that image above is the first cover photo I did. I’d LOVE to win whatever it might be even though I feel a little selfish wanting more from Tyler. But I think I will always want MORE even though I really do have more than some folks might. But it’s ever my hope that he never forgets me (my most common fear?). If he ever does, at least I have what I have and they are rather unique to me… Anyhoo, if you haven’t already done it, download his EP Valerie as well as his song “Radio”. He’s beautiful inside and out and for him I am so in it for the long haul. Probably a forever thing. 😉

On the creative front, I started a story with the title “Bowling.” It’s not really about bowling. It starts off at a bowling alley but that’s about it. I was inspired by a video I saw of someone bowling and suddenly the beginning of a story started in my head. The main male character, named Theo, is not played by one my usual stable of fellas. Annelise, the lady of the story, is less pretty feeling than my other female characters though Theo finds her perfect. Of course.

I still need to finish my November novel. I meant to finish it before 2015 ended but I didn’t. No excuses. I didn’t follow through on my self imposed deadline. Suck! But I will finish it. Eventually…

Until next week, my lovelies!