TWITL – week three – Happy Birthday @willgreglee!

the moment we met
so long ago
still shines bright
this much I know
your easy smile
as you guessed my name
made me laugh
as you did the same
you’ve always been
a favorite of mine
through these years
after all this time
I hope you know
this much is true
part of my heart
belongs to you

Untitledfrom Greg’s IMDB

Dear Greg,

One day, we’ll meet again. It has to happen, right? One of these days!

I’m glad you’ve reappeared. It’s been way too long. I still need to catch up on your work (I’m so easily distracted but you probably know that). Rest assured, even though I’ve been been neglectful as a fangirl, I have always been here for you. πŸ™‚

I hope the future days bring you back into the spotlight and I look forward to your work even as I try to catch up on your previous stuff.

Ever always,

William Gregory Lee is one of my favorite fellas EVER. The nice thing is that he knows it. πŸ™‚ He was so wonderful during my fansite days, even allowing me to use his name as the URL of my site for many years. I let it go a few years back but I never really let go of having a website (neglected though it is) for him. Now that he has re-emerged and joined Twitter (@willgreglee), I feel a renewed sense of purpose and hopefully this will allow me to overcome my laziness and get the website back up in full glory. πŸ˜‰ Regardless, I still super adore Greg and I really do hope that he gets some good work out there and other people see what a talented man he is. And I hope he uses twitter more because it’s a wonderful way of connecting. πŸ˜‰

Also, it’s Greg’s birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Greg! Hope you’re having a great weekend and an awesome birthday. πŸ˜€

In other fangirl musings…

Untitled Tyler singing Friday night

Tyler Rich is in California and of course I didn’t find out until I saw him on Periscope. Thank you Joanne for streaming! Also, how do I get on the list of knowing when Tyler is in town? Someone tell me! I had a suspicion that he’d be here sometime because Dustin Lynch and Chris Lane are in San Jose on Wednesday (nope, not going) and then the Hell of a Night tour heads down to Southern California. Why did they not get a date up here? What is wrong with us here in Northern California?! SO NOT FAIR.

So Tyler is in town Monday and Tuesday and even though I know it’s too soon to want to see him again, I do want to see him again. ::sigh:: Why is it never enough? I think I just want to get my time in before I can’t (if that makes sense). One day, he’ll do shows and I won’t have the means to go and all I will have are these moments now. Music and memories. I just want to keep making the memories. πŸ™‚

Sam Hunt is down in Mexico for the Crash My Playa thing and part of me wants to find all the video and pics of him and the other part of me just doesn’t want to know because of the very real longing that springs up. ::sigh::


So Jacob Davis sings a song called “Rain on a River” and I am SO IN LOVE WITH IT. I think it’s a demo of sorts, meant for another singer but I so LOVE the way Jacob sings it and I don’t think I could love it as much if someone else does it. Is it him? Is it the music? Or is it the lyrics? It’s the combination of it all and Jacob brings it all together in a way that just shoots straight for my heart. His version is always going to be the one for me. Take a listen. And then go to his site to listen to more of his music. He’s seriously amazing.


Take Your Time – I realized something about the secondary characters that I need to add. I’ve also written more but not enough so I need to keep working on it. Right now the story seems at its end but it’s not. Devin (the main fella) has already said the words (awww) but Athena (the main lady) has not and I need to get to that point before I end the story. Need to shake them up before I let them embark on their unwritten adventure.

“The Years Between” – I started this story this week and it’s probably my first “mature” story. The characters are closer to my age (though not as old) and parents. Liam is a daddy to two little girls with an ex who abruptly left them. Ava is a mommy to a little boy with an ex who sort of wishes he wasn’t an ex. Liam and Ava are old friends but in an unequal way that is now level after all these years.

“Bowling” (working title) – This story stalled a bit this week. Probably because I got to the steamy scene and those always take awhile for me to write.

“Don’t Know Why” (working title) – This is a short story that started off as an outline. Not sure if I like the character names quite yet and also not sure who’s playing the main fella. (Unlike the above stories) When I don’t know who’s playing the main man, stories tend to stall on me. Also, not having names is never a good way to start for me.


It’s the wee hours of the morning as I write and I’m watching rugby. Thank goodness for ESPN3! I’m watching European rugby and it’s fun spotting the former Super Rugby players on these teams (although not sure there are any in this match I’m watching). I wish I had a way to watch Super Rugby, which begins near the end of next month. As it is, I am just glad I get to watch SOMETHING at this point. I don’t have a team among these Europeans but I have a bit of interest in the Leicester Tigers because they’re Henry Cavill’s team. I know, goofy reason but oh well! πŸ˜‰