TWITL – week eight

toss aside
your doubts
leave behind
every insecurity
relish each challenge

rise to the stars
in steady fashion
chase your muse
hold tight your inspiration


Tyler having a good time for his bday weekend…

Wednesday was Tyler Rich’s birthday! He was in town and I could have gone to see him but alas, not meant to be this time around for me. Oh well. I did get to wish him a Happy Birthday. He was in studio at The Bull 106.3 and I called in to the radio station and was able to wish him a Happy Bday. I didn’t make the radio but Tyler heard me and knew it was me. Ha! I’m such a nerd, I know.

and this is what I posted on his bday…

I’m already looking forward to Spring Break because I can take some time off. But really, I’ll just be glad for the “quiet” at work. I might take a week off just because WHY THE HECK NOT?! Plus, that’s when I can see Tyler again. Right, making plans around when Tyler is in town again. I have to do it now because when he signs with a label, I’m sure the G Bar gigs will cease. And I’ll be glad for him though sad for me…

Sullivan Stapleton in Blindspot

What color are those eyes right there? To me, they’re green. Even on Strike Back, they looked green to me. So what do you think? Green or blue? Has anyone met him and actually looked into his eyes and seen the true color? I want to know!


Friday evening the hubby checked the Watch ESPN app and noticed that the Super Rugby matches were showing as coming up. OMG, y’all! I CAN WATCH SUPER RUGBY THIS SEASON!!! After a year deprived of my boys, I can once again revel in the glory of Southern Hemisphere rugby. GLORIOUS!!! And I don’t have to stay up into the wee hours of the morning just to watch a particular match. There are on demand replays!!! Of course, I love trying to stay up late to watch rugby but it’s even more awesome to know that I can just wake up in the morning and watch whichever game I want. I don’t have to slog my way through French rugby or other European rugby. No, I can watch my Crusaders, wonder if the Bulls are going to get any better, and perhaps even choose an Australian team just for fun (the Rebels have an early lead with me right now).

Life is right once again.

Well, he did name his EP VALERIE, so… LOL!

So these quizzy things are kinda funny to me. Apparently I’ve manipulated my FB enough to convince the quizzes I take that Tyler and I are actual friends because he keeps popping up in a bunch of these diversions. They make me giggle.

Mmmm, well, I don’t think I’m too different when I’m around him…


Dropped a random twitter DM and HE REPLIED! Now I feel like I should randomly DM him more often though not so often as to be annoying. Even the short conversation was enough to make me smile. Now I want to see him again, hear about the years between since we last saw each other. I want to ask the personal questions but I don’t because if he wants me to know, he’ll tell me…

It’s super neat being social media friends with people who are actual friends with my favorites, especially when they’re on Snapchat and snap the moments of celebration and such. Like on a Saturday night gallivanting through Nashville. Yes, like that…

Chris Lane & Tyler Rich somewhere in Nashville on a Saturday night


Forever with Grace – This is actually a three part story, two of the parts mostly written and the third in process. It’s about a country singer named Hayden and his lady Grace. They have one night (“Beginning with Grace”) then he comes back to her several years later (“Love with Grace”) so that they can finally be together (“Life with Grace”). I’ve been writing this story for a long while and I’ve been stuck with the third portion of the story. Still stuck so I’m going back to the second part and doing some editing…

“The Years Between” – The more I write in this story, the more it feels like a lover’s triangle and I’m actually wondering if the main character is going to end up with the one I intended or if the other one is going to steal her away. It’s intriguing how the characters pull at me towards a different path…

“The Arrangement” – The characters really want to misunderstand almost everything about their situation, which makes for great conflict. My goal is to ride out the conflict longer that I might usually do so as to eek out more drama. It’s one of those stories where the couple marries for other than love. Or so they think?

And once more…

Sully in Strike Back

I see green eyes. What about you?