TWITL – week six

the words seem simple
why not profess your heart now
before it’s too late

Tyler Rich the other night

So many posts in one week! 😉

So, it’s Valentine’s Day. As a romance writer by night, you’d think I’d be more sentimental about this greeting card holiday, eh? It just seems like a lot of pressure to be “romantic” on Valentine’s Day. Then you have the single folks who are made to think their existence is somehow less because they’ve not the inclination nor opportunity to have a special someone today. Bullocks, as some would say. Be romantic if that’s your nature but don’t wait for it to be on a certain day. Just do it. Be spontaneous and unexpected and loving. Oh, but be loving all the time. Yes, profess that love every day even if it’s wordless and merely a gesture. Do it all with love, my lovelies…


“Something Sweet” – So I’m TRYING to write a story that doesn’t have steamy bits. You know, just to challenge myself. And here I thought writing steamy scenes was difficult. Ha! The characters don’t have names yet and I don’t know who’s playing the fella even though for some reason he’s looking like Sully right now. Like he’d be in a “sweet” story! Then again…

“Bowling” – I need to get the characters out of bed. Yes, they’re still there. Ha!

“The Years Between” – Absolutely stalled on this one. Darn it!

Oh Sam Hunt…