TWITL – week nine

why do I miss you
I know you won’t forget me
we’ll both remember

Sully in Blindspot


Blindspot – The show came back this week and we actually watched it the day after it aired. Action packed ep and I couldn’t help thinking of Strike Back. Sully still holds his guns the same way, which must mean that it’s the “right” way, eh?… I’m still not sure if I’m into the whole ‘ship between Weller and Jane but that’s because I’m used to Sully as Damien Scott and he played around A LOT in the course of that show. Plus there’s the whole thing of Jane possibly having a relationship with the one who knows her. I love all the mystery for sure. My favorite line of this ep comes from Patterson: “In my head, where math is done. Please don’t interrupt.” Cracked me up! Go Patterson!!!


LEGEND – Tom Hardy is brilliant. Anyone who says otherwise hasn’t watched WARRIOR or BRONSON or THE DROP or LOCKE. In LEGEND, Tom plays the Kray twins. He was so amazing in it, playing the twins so distinctly. The movie was very well done but the accents were a bit strong and we actually had to play it with subtitles. I need to watch it again without the subtitles.


I’ve been in an unfocused funk regarding my stories. Did I start too many? Why can’t I just hunker down and write something? I’m afraid to take a break and leave these stories without an end. ::sigh::


Finally finished Double Down by Victoria Pratt. LOVED it. It’s a crime story novel with a very kickass protagonist. I really enjoyed how it was sexy and suspenseful. I would most definitely recommend it!


Green eyes, right?

Seriously, what color are Sully’s eyes?! I see green. And yes, though I do see a bit of blue in certain lighting, the green is dominant for me. Is just my eyes? I guess I’ll just have to be weird when I meet him and stare at his eyes. I apologize in advance, Sullivan Stapleton…

Sometimes I’m glad I’m not deeply entrenched in any tv fandoms. Back in my Xena/Herc days, I was witness to some loonies and it’s sad to realize that those crazies are in all kinds of fandoms. The scary ones include those people who think they actually know the actors or actresses from their favorite shows and then they spin ludicrous fantasies about them. I try and keep out of it even though I’m so very appalled at times. But you know what, I’m not going to change what I do online because of some crazy person. I just won’t comment on that crazy person…

And if you can guess what is absent from this post, you’re a rock star! <3