TWITL – week fifteen

the touch of your lips
the brush of a hint
of a promise
the smile in your eyes
the spark of a light
of forever
the whisper in my ear
the warmth of thrill
of that fire
the edge of this moment
the choice to make
just between us

me looking springlike…

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to us! Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. I truly marvel how much I still love and like my husband. Yes, LIKE. I like spending time with him, talking with him, hanging out with him, etc. I am truly thankful that he puts up with my boycrazy tendencies and views them in the proper perspective. I am a lucky lady and I know it…

Look, my favorite bartender!

It’s been AGES since we’ve seen Hunter. When he saw us, he totally greeted us like he missed us. Awwwww! He’s a sweetie. I had a hard root beer, the first time I’ve had it on tap. NEAT! He’s going to transfer to another BWW sometime soon and we’re going to probably end up visiting him there. LOL

BT Urruela

One of the fellas I follow, BT Urruela, was off the grid for a month and he didn’t say why. He did drop a couple of hints– he was offline and out of country. Well, while watching tv, I caught a glimpse of him in an ad for an upcoming reality dating show called Coupled. I thought, NO WAY. Of course I had to find the video online. It was easy enough (FOX’s website) and I did a few screencaps just to make sure my eyes did not deceive me. So did BT find love on tv? I guess I could watch the show to find out. I don’t see how anyone could NOT fall in love with him…