TWITL – week nineteen

whatever these dreams
conjure deep in the dark night
fades in the daylight

Philip Winchester guesting on Chicago PD
Philip Winchester as Peter Stone on Chicago PD

Soooo, Philip Winchester will next be on a new show called Chicago Justice. The backdoor pilot aired this week on Chicago PD. It was great seeing him on a new show and all dapper too. The show is set to air mid-season. I’ll have to definitely watch it! Still bummed that The Player didn’t catch on but I’m glad he got a new gig so soon.

from Tyler’s snapchat

Tyler had a show last night at Goldfield Trading Post in Sacramento. I still haven’t gone to a Goldfield show but I saw some videos and pics and it looks like it was a good time. Hopefully more videos spring up for viewing.


It’s a little frustrating that my writing is super stalled right now. I’m not sure why. I think I need to focus on one story and not get distracted by another one or two. So maddening. It all just seems to depend on who’s inspiring me at the moment and it’s not just one. Alas. I should at least work on my November novel, right?


OMG, my friend met Henry Cavill!!! So damn happy for her (and only a teeny bit jealous). The picture of the two of them is so cool.