TWITL – week twenty-one

the last petal falls
its color faded
the wind will take it
scatter it with the others
to rest and crumble
before the next blossoms bloom

Sully in Blindspot

Blindspot – The first season came to an end last Monday. Can’t wait to see what the second season brings! I really don’t care as long as it brings more Sullivan Stapleton to my tv. I’m so glad the rest of the world is seeing what a talent he is. He’s fantastic! 🙂

Game of Thrones -Is it okay now to talk about the episode “The Door”? A week later and I’m STILL heartbroken by it. HODOR!!! Even watching the recap last night was heartbreaking. I love the way this show just grips your heart and squeezes.

Memorial Weekend. This is the time to remember those who gave their lives while serving in our armed forces…

It’s also the unofficial start to summer and the weather is certainly cooperating here in the outskirts of the Bay Area. I prefer my temperatures in the 70s or so but it’s already warmer than that here. It always seems like it happens to soon, the steady climb to triple digits. Alas!

the other day on the way of town

We headed out to the East Bay on Saturday to visit for a bit. The weather is so much nice there there but as always, I felt the press of people and cars and buildings as we passed through Castro Valley. I realized that I grew up with so much concrete around me. We didn’t have many open spaces that were interrupted by homes or buildings or freeways. The only open spaces where I can remember spending any time were the fields at school. Living here in the outskirts, we have the concrete and the buildings but there area also more open spaces, more places to let our eyes roam the horizon, more places to hear just the wind or feel just the sun. It’s a little easier to see the beauty here…