TWITL – week twenty

nothing breaks
without bending first
inch by inch
breath by breath
nothing shatters
without cracking first
inch by inch
snap by snap
nothing falls
without stumbling first
inch by inch
rush by rush
denying the inevitable

moody version of me

Sometimes it just doesn’t mean a thing, the poetry that spits out of me. When I write it, I wonder how I did it every day for years. Sure, I wrote LOTS of haikus but even those could get a bit tedious. I wonder sometimes who even reads any of it. Do strangers happen upon my words? Do they delve deeper and think that they know me after a few entries?

Currently transferring music from my old hard drive to a new hard drive. Hubby gave me his old computer (which runs faster than my old computer, which was new than his) and took the hard drive from my last computer and added it to this new/old one. So I’m moving my music to the main hard drive because I want to run my music that way. Scary business, I tell ya! LOL Only after I have my music in place will I download iTunes. Joyful times, right?

the end of the cake

My boss has earned his doctorate so we had cake and a card for him on Friday afternoon. It was a surprise and he was surprised! Yah! The cake was good. It was nice to see everyone in our building. 🙂 And how cool is it that I now work for a doctor? Awesome blossom! 😀

The transferring of music to my new hard drive has been successful! Joy!

Sully on Blindspot

I’m really enjoying Sullivan Stapleton on Blindspot. Even though I still love him best as Damien Scott (so far), his Kurt Weller certainly has some very intriguing bits as well. It’s funny because I’ve used Sully in a few stories of mine and he’s inadvertently played law enforcement types so it’s interesting to see a bit of my characters in this new role. Weller is a bit more serious than I’ve ever imagined for Sully but he plays it quite well. As the season has progressed, we’ve been allowed to observe more depth in Weller and I like that very much. I will say that I do miss the cussing. Such are the perils of network television…

“The Arrangement” – I’ve written the most for this story in recent days and I don’t even have names for the characters (yet). It’s also all over the place. Maybe my thought is that I’ll eventually have enough pieces to put in the right spots and then I’ll have a coherent story? Seriously, I have really no idea… I have no idea how to justify some of the fella’s actions in the story. I know exactly why the woman acts as she does but I haven’t wrapped my head around the fella’s motivations. Why are my characters keeping secrets from me?!

Take Your Time – I’m more than a bit mad and impatient with myself in regards to this story. Why is it taking me so long to finish this story?! UGH! I started to re-read some of it and I do like it. I just need a strong finish. ::sigh::

Family stuff. ::sigh::… I still miss my dachshund very much… Now that my tattoo has healed, I already want another… I wonder when I’ll see Tyler again…