The Third Time We Met – @TylerRichMusic #TylerRich

A year ago, I met Tyler for the third time. And for whatever reason, I didn’t post about it. So here’s what I wrote last year. 🙂

with Tyler Rich
with Tyler at the Whiskey Tip

19 June 2015

After the Cole Swindell show and before the Sacramento Music Festival, Tyler Rich was on 106.3 The Bull, a Santa Rosa country music station. During his appearance on the station, the DJ announced that Tyler would be performing on June 19th at the Whiskey Tip. I was excited but thought it would be ridiculous to want to see him again since I was seeing him at the Sacramento Music Festival.

Of course, after seeing him at the music festival, I just wanted to see him again. The Bull Party at the Whiskey Tip was a free event so no tickets to commit us to it. It was going to be a play it by ear whether or not we would go. The Warriors had to win it in 6 games otherwise Game 7 would be the same Friday night and there would be no way we’d go if there was a game seven at stake.

As it turned out, the Warriors won so one obstacle was out of the way. Now it was just convincing the other half it would be a fun time.

So I didn’t know until the day of the show that we would definitely be going. I was so excited. The drive to Santa Rosa was SLOW. You know, traffic on a Friday after work. It took us quite a long time to get to the Whiskey Tip but we arrived in due time and found a good spot to hang.

Tyler was supposed to start at seven o’clock or seven thirty but ended up starting later, I think. He arrived at nearly seven o’clock. He zeroed in on a couple of people he knew and greeted them. When he saw us, he came over to say hello, giving me a hug. He told us that traffic was terrible then made his way to the stage to set up. Speakers, microphones, etc then somewhere around eight o’clock he started his show.

Tyler split his set into two with a ten minute or so break between. I stood at the front for the first half, enjoying the music and taking quick snapchats for my friends. He broke a guitar string at the beginning of “California Grown” so there was a quick break there. I hadn’t planned on standing the whole time but I figured I was there and had a good spot so I stayed until the break. When he started again, I had to find a different spot but I stood through all of that as well. He ended the show with a rousing version of “Friends in Low Places” and we all sang along, which was great fun.

At the end of his set, the radio station had their last giveaways then Tyler did a kind of casual meet and greet that pretty much consisted of us just hopping up on stage and getting a little time with him. I was standing next to a nice couple and the fella encouraged us to step onto the stage and finally we just did it. As soon as we did, the folks in front of the stage (we had hopped on from the side) started coming up so we stood a bit towards the back until the crowd thinned out a little.

When it was my turn, Tyler said something like, “Get over here, Valerie” (or Val? I’m not sure). He gave me another hug and said it was great to see me again (yes, inside I was thinking, AWWWWWW). I asked him if he was creeped out by me at all (with all my online stuff) and he was so sweet and he looked at me like I was crazy and said NO. LOL He was all sweetness and affection. We took some pictures (some by a generous bystander and then selfies just in case). Then out of my back pocket I took out a note I had written to him. He took it and told me that he loved my letter (the one I gave him in Sacramento) and that it had taken him a day to read. He read it on the flight back to Nashville. I was so beyond touched. One more hug and I hopped off the stage.

It was a good night. We left soon after and I got to watch a little of his Periscope and kinda wished I had stuck around to show up in that. But I was great with the moments I had with him. He’s seriously a sweetheart on top of being crazy talented.

with Tyler Rich

I just want to add that the third time meeting Tyler pretty much solidified my regard for him. He continues to hold a most cherished part of my fangirl heart and I am ever so glad to be a small part of his journey. I look forward to his future endeavors and cannot wait to see the next new thing with him… <3