TWITL – week twenty-four

when I’m gone
please don’t forget
the laughter we shared
the times without regret
the sweet summer days
the warm winter nights
the shine of adventure
always within our sights
when I’m gone
hold this feeling fast
let it fill your dreams
this way it’ll last
someday this will end
pass into something new
but please don’t forget
what your heart knows is true

Sullivan Stapleton on Blindspot
Sullivan Stapleton on Blindspot

I need to do more screencaps of Sully on Blindspot. No such thing as too much Sullivan Stapleton, right? Of course!

I love that it’s summer break for the kids out this way. Even though I have to work during the breaks, I do love it because it’s just a bit calmer. But really only just a bit. I confess that I do sometimes wish that people would think we’re closed along with the schools. It would make things even more laid back. Wishful thinking, I know!

“The Arrangement” – Not sure why I’m working the most on this particular story but I am. I’ve written different bits and pieces here and there and have decided to put everything together in what I hope will be a coherent story. Romance, of course, but oddly restrained on the parts of the characters even though they obviously have more than just an intellectual connection. They’re both lonely but loathe to admit it, instead relying on logical compatibility to come together. I did decide on names for them. Exciting, right? Ha!

“Life with Grace” – This is the third part in a story I call Forever with Grace. The “prequel” is pretty much written, the first part of the story needs some (lots?) of editing, and this thrid part is a work in progress. I think they could probably be read as a series of short stories or novellas or maybe one big novel. Not sure how I want to play it at this point. The story has been on my mind lately because I’ve been listening to a lot of Sam Hunt again (though not as exclusively as I did last year) and as he is the inspiration for the main character, inspiration hits me in spurts on this one.

Just found out about Anton Yelchin. I am sitting here crying a little because it’s so sad and unfair!

Journey well into the next, Anton. You have gone much too soon…