TWITL – week twenty-two

maybe one day
you’ll hear a song
after we’ve drifted away
when the nights are long
memories turn to dreams
so unreachable in the light
nothing it seems
stays forever in sight
but deep in your heart
this beats true
that even while apart
I am ever with you

choices in which to write

Sometimes I wonder how many blank books I have that are no longer blank. I don’t keep handwritten journals anymore (alas!) but I do usually have a notebook of sorts in my purse for those moments I feel like taking pen to paper. 🙂

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – FINALLY got to watching this movie after having bought it months ago on iTunes. I must say that as beautiful as The Hobbit movies were, I just did not have the same emotional reaction to them as the LOTR movies. The Hobbit movies were visually stunning and well acted but my heart just really wasn’t in any of them. This last movie was as well done as the others and had moments of drama and action and the like but I was glad when the final credits played. Perhaps I need to watch all the movies again but seriously, they could have done the movie in two if they really needed to expand to beyond one. A trilogy for this story just seems like way too much…

a letter from the past

A year ago yesterday, I wrote myself a letter to send in the future via The gist of the letter was my new regard for Tyler. It was so fun to read and realize that yes, I do still adore him a year later. I adore him even more that I imagined I would. No, it didn’t pass with time as my “crushes” often do. Instead, it turned into genuine affection.

[aside: is a neat service. I’ve been using it for years. You write a letter to send to yourself in the future. It’s a nice surprise to have in your in-box. You can set it to send anytime– a week, a month, a year or more into the future. It’s definitely a neat way to capture moments and thoughts to remember later.]


It’s officially summer break for the students out this way. I hope they all enjoy and savor these “free” days. Yes, I’m jealous.


The husband has been re-watching Stargate Atlantis. I find myself paying attention more often than not and as always, I realize how much I still enjoy it. It’s a bit of a bummer it didn’t last longer. It could have certainly gone on a few more years…


The tattoo is healing nicely. 😉