TWITL – week thirty

whatever your confession
still the impulse
to reveal
let it wallow
in the depths of your soul
your penance of pride
swallow the tears
choking your throat
the price of your fall
relief will not be given
forgiveness will elude
ever out of reach
whatever your confession
hold it fast to your heart
while it colors your dreams
whispering through time

with Tyler Rich
with Tyler on Wednesday night

It was the last week of summer break for the kiddies out this way. Sad, right? The longest month ever is nearly upon us. Ye gods!

My latest shirt

We headed out to Rohnert Park on Wednesday so that I could get my new shirt! It’s pretty damn spiffy. I love being part of the Rich’s Bit$ches group. They’re fun and I just especially love Joanne and Tracy. Awesome ladies!

me in my new shirt
looking a little tired in my new shirt

Tyler was lovely, of course. He did a lot of new stuff. I hope some of it makes it on to another EP or even more YouTube videos. I want MORE! Always more.

Stranger Things – Please, if you have Netflix, GO WATCH THIS SERIES. It’s short (8 episodes) but filled with suspense and drama and thrills. I LOVED IT. I might watch it again. LOL At the risk of spoiling, I won’t say much more except GO WATCH THIS SERIES!!!

STAR TREK BEYOND – We ended last weekend watching STAR TREK BEYOND again and it was still as good as the first time. I would have watched it again this weekend if I could have convinced the hubby to go.

We went out to the East Bay today and visited Fry’s after having lunch at Elephant Bar. We walked out of Fry’s not even spending $20. MIRACLES. Fry’s has lost some mystique but it was interesting seeing the differences in the way the store is arranged and such.