TWITL – week twenty-eight

maybe we will break
bending too far from all this
heartbreak and despair

Philip Winchester as "Fotch" in Undrafted
Philip Winchester on Undrafted

So I made plans with my friends to see Undrafted at the Deer Valley AMC this weekend. The movie was set to play there, its only northern California showing, but as misfortune would have it, a defective breaker has the theatre shut down until at least next Friday. WTH. The movie was also released digitally so I did the fangirl thing and bought the movie on iTunes. We watched it on Friday night. Philip was great in it! I didn’t mind the movie, I enjoyed it…

When you're just all about Tyler Rich

When the world is bleak, I tend to look at the beauty of the world. There is beauty out there, if you look hard enough. Just open your eyes, feel the life around you. Sometimes it’s hard to do when the ills of the world insist on breaking your peace…

me, so filtered

Downloaded a new photo filter app on my phone and that’s one of the results. I like it!

I had things to say about the stupid hate on the people playing Pokemon GO (stop telling people who are walking around OUTSIDE and seeing the world to “get a life”; how about you stop hating on people who are enjoying themselves and learning how technology isn’t scary and can be fun); the hatefulness of the world (the killings, the racism, the anger and fear mongering perpetuated by the media); the stupidity and hypocrisy of certain people. I think I’ll just pass on lingering on negativity.


“The Arrangement” – This story has been going pretty steady in the writing. I’m mostly keeping it linear and haven’t even really hit the parts that I’ve previously written. The characters are sort of straying from my intentions but we shall see what happens…